Graduation Series: The Highlight of my EMBA

We asked some of our most recent Alumni to share the highlight from their Executive MBA as they reflect upon their 18 month EMBA journey.


Senior Manager, Digital & Innovation – EY
Doha Track

HEC Paris Executive MBA graduate Wafic Naccash.

Well there are so many! If I had to choose one, I’d say when I’ve won the elections for the class delegate, when I had really small window to build my network and showcase my work to other candidates to earn their confidence and votes! Such a great and proud memory.

In addition to the pride of taking on this responsibility, some other some special moments that stand out to me from these 18 months include the social events with the class. From attending sports competitions, dinners, golf games, and random coffee meetups, we shared many enjoyable moments together outside of the classroom.

In the classroom, the business environment simulation for oil price and demand – was one of a kind exercise, gaining experience negotiating with other teams – it was an intense session and felt like a real life situation!

During the program, it was really insightful to connect with and visit leading corporations, such as Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce, and LinkedIn, to learn more about their innovative strategies and operating models, and their focus on digital transformation projects.

And finally, how could I not mention cooking Pizza with a Master Chef in San Francisco!? Work hard, play hard.


CEO & Founder – FB Game Changer
English End of Week Track

Fatimata Bah said discovering her purpose was a highlight of her EMBA journey.

I never could have imagined how much this international EMBA program would shape the way I think and act as a leader.

Beyond the extreme quality of course contents and speakers, we had the chance to participate to Co-Development Workshops in small group of few peers. Those workshops were part of the Leadership module and help to identify our type of leadership and our aspirations as a leader.

For the first time of my life I had a clear understanding of who I am and what sets my soul on fire!

Discovering my raison d’être which is to have a positive impact in people life, in society, in the world, was the highlight of my EMBA. It has made me even more passionate to address social and environmental issues for responsible and sustainable fashion (which Fatimata employed in her new startup FB Game Changer) and help people to be true to themselves and their values in all circumstances.

As my ‘purpose’ became clearer, I chose Entrepreneurship Project Accelerator and loved the specialization, especially the Entrepreneur bootcamp in San Francisco with the remarkable and passionate speakers and partners such as Babson College and Ramp up lab. A fabulous experience.


Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Expert
English End of Week Track

Imasso Randrianarisoa’s Capstone Project became his new professional endeavor.

One of the great advantages of returning to school is returning to a safe environment where you are encouraged to experiment, to fail fast and to learn iteratively on your own and with your pairs. And I must say, I learned and grew-up from this experience.

My cohort started the EMBA with leadership classes and since Churchill was relevantly cited many times, we decided to name our promotion “Sir Churchill”.

The Capstone Project was a unique occasion to gather in a unique exercise all the learnings and applying them on a strategic topic. Mine was about launching a digitally native vertical brand that revisits tea and infusion experience by using customers’ preferences and lifestyles. My advisor believed in this project and pushed me to the limit to make it real. It has become my new venture.

I was the Chief Happiness Officer of my cohort and this role was not only a highlight, but a revelation for me. It appeared that I was likely the type of person who has a strong desire to have a positive impact on people. It goes beyond organizing events, it is also motivating people, making them feel important, listening to their expectations, and on my side, being able to deliver. For our 10 year reunion, I have paired them to write a message to one of their classmate and locked it in a time capsule. Looking forward to opening it.

The outcome? 18 months were enough to get me from banking and finance to entrepreneurship and digital. It may sound a little crazy, but to quote Churchill: “I like things to happen, and if they don’t happen, I like to make them happen.” Failure is less important than regrets and I am not one to give up.

The biggest highlight of all is that this just the start of a new adventure.

Maiada El Khalifa

Head of Reporting and Cost Control, Total
English Modular Track

HEC Paris EMBA 2020 Graduate, Maiada El Khalifa.

I have several favorite moments from the Executive MBA and it’s difficult to restrict it to just one.

But, I would have to say that the specialization modules, particularly the Entrepreneurship Project accelerator in San Francisco, where we met with entrepreneurs, VCs and experienced Babson College and UCLA, was a highlight.

I admired how as a city, San Francisco embraces entrepreneurs and startups. The city was agile, and everyone working on the ‘next big idea’. It was a creative and innovative experience.

I must also mention the group of friends I made within our cohort and the others. They are great people with impressive experience and promising future projects. I wish them all the highest levels of success in their lives and careers and I am sure that each and everyone one of them will excel beyond boundaries!


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