• Ponziani equipped herself with the tools she uses to drive growth at the European Space Agency by pursuing her Executive MBA.

    How the HEC Executive MBA Helped a Rocket Scientist’s Career Blast Off

    When the gargantuan Ariane 5 rocket last blasted majestically into space from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) launchpad in French Guyana, Donatella Ponziani’s fingerprints were all over it. Not in the literal sense, of course; when not in the control room in Kourou, she was monitoring the launch from her desk in the nondescript Parisian… Continue Reading

  • For HEC Executive MBA workshop presenter Joseph Liu, networking is all about preparation and persistence.

    Networking in the New Normal

    Students at the HEC Paris Executive MBA receive exclusive training on how to succeed in any market scenario. Topics include but are not limited to: leveraging your own experience, decrypting market trends, and getting your network to work for you. This is a snapshot of what’s on offer at our Personal Professional Development (PPD) workshops,… Continue Reading

  • Marc Beretta's executive workshop equips you with an easy-to-follow formula for foolproof career strategy .

    Executive Career Strategy Mapped Out in 3 Easy Steps

    Landing your dream job requires a clear and focused road map. Whether your dream job is sitting on the C-suite of a major firm to heading up your own industry-disrupting start-up to somewhere in between, seasoned Career and Executive Master Certified Coach and HEC EMBA presenter Marc Beretta preaches a simple career strategy: bringing clarity… Continue Reading

  • Learning the ingredients for successful innovation and how to apply them to any career.

    The HEC Paris Executive MBA has a reputation for nurturing the innovative skills of some of the world’s finest entrepreneurs. We spoke to Italian-French EMBA participant and Human Resources Manager Gabriele Pontalti about his experience, fresh off the first week of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation specialization. Why did you choose the ‘Innovate Like An Entrepreneur’… Continue Reading