Harnessing Team Dynamism: Takeaways from the 2023 HEC Paris EMBA Outdoor Leadership Seminar

The HEC Paris EMBA Outdoor Leadership Seminar aims to leave participants with an enhanced comprehension of leadership complexities, a commitment to collaboration, an ability to approach diverse situations with resilience and strategies, and an outstanding opportunity to network with peers. Three 2023 seminar participants and EMBA students from different intakes shared their takeaways, each emphasizing the seminar’s real value potential for any EMBA student.

The 2023 installment of the vaunted HEC Paris EMBA Leadership Seminar provided an impactful experience for participants, engaging them in a journey of personal and professional growth.

Under the watchful gaze of leadership training experts at SYFCO Formation Contibue, the annual meet kicked off with outdoor leadership training, where the participants faced discomfort and challenges, reinforcing the importance of teamwork and support. The significance of shared values and ethics in leadership was emphasized, along with the necessity of thorough planning before taking action. The participants were encouraged to consider team strengths and weaknesses, listen to diverse stakeholder input, and master efficient delegation.

“The seminar’s “learning-by-doing” approach truly made it a transformative journey, filled with invaluable lessons and unforgettable moments.”

The seminar’s emphasis on varied perspectives echoed throughout, nurturing appreciation for alternative approaches and emphasizing the essence of leadership’s adaptability. Overall, the HEC Paris EMBA Leadership Seminar left participants with a deeper comprehension of leadership complexities, a commitment to collaboration, and a readiness to confront diverse situations with resilience and effective leadership strategies.

Three 2023 Leadership Seminar participants and EMBA students from different intakes shared their takeaways from the exciting summer event, each offering a nuanced, tailored perspective on experiences that bring real value to all EMBA participants.

Leadership training with a little help from their friends

September 2022 intake member Julia Brucher distilled her experience into the essential principles for effective leadership, highlighting the importance of empathy, strategic thinking, inclusive communication, and adept delegation.

Julia Brucher HEC Paris LEadership Seminar

“That moment when you climb over the edge and it feels deeply uncomfortable but you know that your team has your back … that is priceless!

This week our HEC Paris EMBA cohort has kicked off our latest module with two days of outdoor leadership training. And what an amazing start to the week it has been learning alongside experienced rescue teams, executing missions, and navigating through crisis simulations!

  1. Morals, ethics, empathy – lead with purpose and base any teamwork on shared values.
  2. Spend enough time to analyze the situation and make a proper plan before you act (sounds simple but when reality is taking over, sometimes it is hard to hit pause to do this).
  3. Take the strengths and weaknesses of the entire team into account and use your resources wisely
  4. Listen to input from all stakeholders no matter how “loud” or “soft” the voices are. As a leader it is your job to calibrate the input and not only listen to whoever shouts the loudest, … otherwise you might miss precious input.
  5. Learn how to delegate efficiently and don’t forget to nominate a trustworthy and complimentary deputy.”

Leadership learning-by-doing

March 2023 intake member Attilo Gonzalez Morales recounted the seminar as a transformative journey that embraced a “learning-by-doing” approach. For Attilo, the seminar equipped him to apply newfound knowledge and insights to various contexts, impacting their leadership styles and decision-making abilities.

“I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Outdoor Leadership Seminar conducted by SCYFCO at HEC Paris, and I cannot express how grateful I am for this enriching experience.

The seminar’s “learning-by-doing” approach truly made it a transformative journey, filled with invaluable lessons and unforgettable moments.

Throughout the seminar, we delved into key elements of effective leadership: Decision Making, Delegation, Team Process, Member Engagement and Team Emergent States, Trust, and Psychological Safety.

Attilo Gonzalez Morales HEC Paris LEadership Seminar

These topics formed the foundation of our learning, pushing us to explore new horizons and discover the power of effective leadership.

One aspect that made this seminar truly exceptional was collaborating with my talented team mates, which was an absolute pleasure. The opportunity to learn from their unique perspectives and insights was invaluable, fostering an environment of growth, support, and camaraderie.

Together, we navigated challenging scenarios, tested our decision-making skills, and witnessed firsthand the power of effective teamwork.

A special ‘thank-you’ to our exceptional instructor Francois-Marie Guyot, whose knowledge and real-world experiences added great value to the seminar. Your guidance and mentorship played a key role in shaping our understanding of effective leadership and teamwork.

The Outdoor Leadership Seminar has not only equipped me with practical skills but also enriched my understanding of leadership dynamics.

The lessons learned will undoubtedly have a profound impact on my leadership style and decision-making abilities in various contexts. I look forward to applying the knowledge and insights gained from this seminar to my future endeavors, both personally and professionally.”

Attilo Gonzalez Morales HEC Paris LEadership Seminar

Why diversity= strength

HEC Paris in Qatar participant Lory Joy Alvarez reflected on the challenges of leadership when faced through the unique prism of HEC Paris students’ diverse personal and professional backgrounds.

“I’d like to share my thoughts after the completion of our leadership outdoor seminar.

When one is not confronted with bad circumstances or unfavorable factors, taking the position of an idealistic leader is a pretty simple assignment. When confronted with a true sense of urgency, one will undoubtedly face limits, most notably time constraints, tools, and resources.

It is important to assess the choice and its possible implications for the members concerned. The enhanced memorability of this leadership training can be attributed to the presence and contributions of my fellow group members.

Lory Joy Alvarez HEC Paris LEadership Seminar

This leadership seminar provides a unique opportunity to foster meaningful friendships within a condensed timeframe. Our group exhibits a significant degree of diversity in terms of both cultural and professional backgrounds.

As a result, it is an amazing opportunity to discover things from their point of view. Often, we are isolated to view things and leadership from a certain aspect, the one that we are accustomed to. As a result of this EMBA journey with HEC Paris, I see things from a new angle and it lets you explore various alternatives, which is really the essence of leadership.

Good leadership does not imply constantly winning, but rather always having a winning spirit.”

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