EMBA Specialization Series: Innovate Like an Entrepreneur

Innovate like an Entrepreneur, one of the HEC Paris EMBA’s 9 Specializations, provides EMBA students with an effective sandbox to test entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial projects.

Innovate Like an Entrepreneur is one of 9 transformative Specialization experiences available to HEC Paris Executive MBA students.

Each EMBA Specialization allows you to enhance your understanding of a particular industry, pinpoint strategic opportunities, and refine your analytical and decision-making abilities. The specialized courses are taught by professors with extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields— along with the insight of visiting industry experts and business leaders to enrich your learning experience—providing you with the tools to accelerate and transform your career.

HEC Paris EMBA student Andrey Khopersky and his classmates.

HEC Paris EMBA student Andrey Khopersky and his classmates.


Innovate Like an Entrepreneur, like the EMBA’s other Specializations, allows students to fine-tune their program to fit seamlessly into their course objectives.

Helmed by Professor Sihem Jouini, it offers executives an entirely unique sandbox opportunity to refine their entrepreneurial skills, delve into new business ventures, and gain insights into stimulating innovation. This Specialization holds a significant place in the broader EMBA learning journey.

Key Features

Lory Joy Alvarez, EMBA ’24, a member of the Doha intake, deeply enjoyed her experience.

“My recent journey exposed me to an array of breakthrough concepts about innovation and design thinking, well interlaced with the invaluable experiences of venture capitalists and visionary startup pioneers, resulting in an intellectual adventure.”

Lory Joy Alvarez during the Specialization.

Lory Joy Alvarez during the Specialization.

Challenging preconceived notions, Alvarez shares a brilliant insight: “Innovation does not have to be bound by excessive expenditures or the limitations of technical sectors.” This sentiment aligns with the specialization’s focus on nurturing, exploring, and developing opportunities for new business initiatives or processes.

Location and Learning Environment

As with most  the EMBA Specializations, Innovate Like an Entrepreneur takes place in multiple locations over separate weeks: Paris and Boston.

The program takes place in Boston at Babson College, providing participants with a rich educational experience.

Sharing his experience attending the Specialization’s Paris week, Andrey Khopersky, EMBA ’24, mentions insightful sessions and transformative visits to Station F and emblematic French cultural institutions like the Palais Broignart.

HEC Paris EMBA Innovate Like an Entrepreneur Specialization

The program covers diverse topics such as Design Thinking, Organizational Design, Lean Startup, and Bottom of the Pyramid, incorporating practical activities for a comprehensive understanding.

Participants like Andrey express gratitude to the exceptional professors and guest speakers who made the journey mindful and insightful. The program encourages a shift in mindset, as Andrey notes, “Now I can say that I’ve totally shifted my mindset from ‘focusing on solutions to focusing on problems.'”

Tools and Frameworks

HEC Professor Sihem Jouini, who serves as the Specialization’s Academic Director, emphasizes that participants will acquire tools and frameworks to identify, develop, and explore opportunities. The focus extends to understanding mindsets and behaviors conducive to entrepreneurial success.

HEC Paris EMBA Innovate Like an Entrepreneur features professor Sihem Jouini as Academic HEad.

As one of 9 Specializations within the HEC Paris Executive MBA program, Innovate Like an Entrepreneur serves as a potentially transformative element in the greater EMBA learning journey.

Here, from Paris to Boston, executives have the opportunity to refine their entrepreneurial vision and contribute meaningfully to the dynamic world of business.

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