Graduation series: The highlight of my Executive MBA

As part of our special 2020 Graduation Series, our newest alumni share the highlight of their Executive MBA journey.

Commencement week marks a huge milestone for our Executive MBAs as they take the time to look back on this remarkable journey.

Armed with new knowledge, skills, perspectives and friendships, it’s a time to stop, exhale, relax, reflect… and celebrate!

To help mark this occasion, we asked some of our newest 2020 graduates to share the highlight of their EMBA odyssey.

Maiada El Khalifa

The ‘Innovate like an Entrepreneur’ specialization in San Fransisco was an EMBA highlight for Maiada El Khalifa.

I have several favorite moments from the Executive MBA and it’s difficult to restrict it to just one.

But, I would have to say that the specialization modules, particularly the Entrepreneurship Project accelerator in San Francisco, where we met with entrepreneurs, VCs and experienced Babson College and UCLA, was a highlight.

I admired how as a city, San Francisco embraces entrepreneurs and startups. The city was agile, and everyone working on the ‘next big idea’. It was a creative and innovative experience.

I must also mention the group of friends I made within our cohort and the others. They are great people with impressive experience and promising future projects. I wish them all the highest levels of success in their lives and careers and I am sure that each and everyone one of them will excel beyond boundaries!

Karl Mokambo Mouissy

Learning about the strategic issues related to the energy industry was a crucial part of Karl Mokambo Mouissy’s EMBA.

The eighteen months I spent at HEC were magnificent.

After the first day with the breaking ice activity (ZANGALEWA / WAKA WAKA) I discovered that each module was more and more interesting because it contributed a little more to the understanding of the business, and thus gave me more of the elements necessary in the global management of a business.

Surrounded by all these available and smart people from various backgrounds, I learned a lot and I always came back home satisfied. This was a true highlight.

Coming from the oil and gas industry, I was even more impressed by the quality of the courses and the good times spent in Doha and Berlin (as part of the specialization ‘Shape the Future of Energy).

During this module, I was able to deepen my understanding of the strategic issues related to the industry, but especially the need to curb global warming.


Morad Omanaa

Morad Omanaa especially enjoyed the social time he spent with his EMBA peers.

All of the moments were memorable. The modules were very dense with a lot of work before, during and after each day. Whenever we finished our sessions, we looked forward to exchanging views on different subjects. These moments were unique.

But in addition to these stimulating discussions, having two Halloween parties in succession was something to remember!

During our time in Boston at Babson College for the ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ specialization, we learned so much: how to innovate, create and develop a business. As this was during Halloween, we had the opportunity to get together to celebrate this event, the last evening of our session.

It was great as everyone had played the game and dressed up for the occasion. After this very intense long week, it was very timely, and the occasion marked the international spirit of the group.

Just after Boston when I returned to Paris, the HEC Paris Executive MBA team organized a Halloween party. Two parties in one week! The place that had been chosen was perfectly suited for the occasion and the original costumes of each person made this evening even more memorable!

Mallika Lheritier

Mallika Lheritier (center) and Maiada El Khalifa (right) with their fellow EMBA peers.

There are so many moments, but collectively the absolutely incredible supportive, collaborative “esprit” – spirit – within the class.

Collectively, we helped, supported and guided each other. Everyone was, and is, willing to give their time whether it is to get feedback on an entrepreneurial venture, assist with career advice, share knowledge, or just keeping up each other’s morale during these trying times.

We are like one giant family – this is something I truly cherish about the EMBA.


Gregory Le Quéré

Grégory Le Quéré said the Capstone Project was a highlight of his EMBA experience.

I started my Executive MBA with a deep desire to learn new methodologies of conducting business projects which led me to choose the Entrepreneurship & Innovation specialization.

The Capstone Project was a real opportunity to apply on the field all the learnings from HEC Paris & Babson College, Boston (featured image) and to demonstrate that academic concepts can be applied in the real business life.

I made my Capstone Project in collaboration with a young successful startup named Meero and our project was to evaluate the potential of a brand new activity in their business model.

I had a hard time combining EMBA achievements and my job at the same time and I really thought at a certain point that it would be impossible to make it right.

But thanks to the support of my classmates and my family, I was really empowered to complete the Capstone in due time, which turned out to be a highlight of the program for me.

Philipp Erdmann

Philipp Erdmann said the Leadership Module was a program highlight for him.

One of the most decisive moments for me was in the first Leadership module.

Although it is not immediately apparent, I am an introverted, thinking person. I draw my energy from moments of silence, being alone and reading.

Analyzing my own profile and seeing my character traits written down as a result of an analysis was very powerful for me, I was really impressed. And seeing that there are other people with a similar personality profile was very satisfying for me.

It was very inspiring for me to see how different personality profiles work, where their strengths and weaknesses lie, and the value that comes out of this diversity.


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