HEC Paris Executive MBA Graduation Class of 2023: A Journey of Transformation and Leadership

The HEC Paris Executive MBA Class of 2023 celebrated their graduation with all the pomp and circumstance of the occasion.

On a glorious late spring day on campus at Jouy-en-Josas, the HEC Paris EMBA Class of 2023 celebrated their graduation on June 10 along with the school’s MBA and Executive Master’s programs, all befitting the requisite pomp and circumstance of the occasion.

This year’s graduating cohort is composed of an array of leaders from diverse fields and backgrounds. The ceremony marks the culmination of a transformative journey that equipped them with a comprehensive leadership toolkit and a powerful network to propel their careers forward.

HEC Paris EMBA Graduation speaker Noor al-Khori

HEC Paris EMBA Graduation speaker Noor al-Khori, EMBA ’23

The EMBA Class of 2023 walked across the graduation stage beaming with a sense of accomplishment, reflecting the countless hours of hard work, dedication, and personal growth they invested in their education.

Riad Joueidi, a member of the EMBA Class of 2023’s November intake, expressed the significance of the bonds forged during the program, stating, “The camaraderie and enduring bonds I’ve nurtured here have made every bump in the road a stepping stone to success.” The relationships developed among the students, faculty, and alumni extend beyond the classroom, creating a lifelong support system and a valuable professional network.

Ilda Metani, a September 2023 intake member who recently secured a new role leading a major connected AI initiative, shared her experience, saying, “The Executive MBA program provided me with the knowledge and motivation to step into the AI and data-driven tech world as a female leader.” HEC Paris is committed to empowering women and providing them with the tools and opportunities to excel in their careers.

Riad Jouieni, EMBA '23

Throughout their EMBA journey, the graduates bolstered a career’s worth of skills and insights with the executive furnish needed to navigate the complex challenges of today’s business world. Fellow September 2023 intake member Loïc Beaurepaire highlighted the personal and professional growth he experienced, stating, “I learned so much about what makes a good leader, about how our world works and about the challenges of tomorrow.” The program’s faculty and staff, renowned for their expertise, played a pivotal role in shaping the graduates’ leadership capabilities.

The diversity of the cohort also played a crucial role in fostering a dynamic learning environment. Votey Cheav, from the March intake, reflected on the richness of collaboration among classmates, stating, “It was a pleasure to learn from distinguished professors, collaborate with the richness of my diverse classmates, and challenge myself to grow in many ways.” The global perspective and varied industry experiences shared by the students facilitated a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives, enriching their learning experience.

As the graduates embark on their next chapter, they carry with them a profound sense of gratitude for the transformative journey they experienced at HEC Paris. Alexandra Rousier expressed her appreciation for the program, stating, “My executive education at HEC has undeniably been a transformative journey, and I will forever treasure the memories, the happy times, and lessons that continue to enrich my professional and private lives.”

HEC Paris EMBA Class of 2023 January Intake

HEC Paris EMBA Class of 2023 September Intake

The impact of the EMBA program extends far beyond the acquisition of an MBA degree. It is the personal growth, resilience, and belief in oneself that the graduates will cherish the most. Tony Phan, who began his EMBA journey in January 2022, eloquently summed up the essence of his experience in the lead to HEC Paris graduation, saying, “I’m leaving with an Executive MBA, but what I’m really taking away are invaluable life lessons, enduring friendships, resilience, and a strong belief in myself.”

The Class of 2023 stands as a testament to their own and the program’s ability to transform professionals into impactful leaders. As these graduates step into the future, armed with newly acquired skills and a sprawling network of peers, they are poised to shape the business landscape and create a more inclusive and innovative world.

HEC Paris EMBA Class of 2023

Pierre Massimelli, a member of the September 2021 intake, summed up his EMBA experience thusly:

“The HEC Paris Executive MBA program, surrounded by accomplished professionals from diverse sectors, transformed my perspective and enriched my business acumen through cross-industry connections, fueling intellectual growth, broadening vision, and unearthing innovative solutions. The forged connections became a tapestry of support, extending beyond the classroom, empowering us to navigate the business landscape with unwavering conviction and a global perspective, turning greater good dreams into reality.”

Watch the replay of the ceremony here, including a surprise performance by Magic System and their lead singer (and Executive Master’s Class of 2023 graduate Salif Traoré) at the end:

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