• Masks were removed strictly for the purposes of this photograph.

    Specialization Series: Luxury, Today and Tomorrow

    The luxury industry has a unique set of challenges to hurdle. The future promises new technologies, new generations, and new business models; as such, luxury cannot remain stagnant. At the same time, it must continue in its fundamental pursuit of differentiating itself from premium brands; luxury strategy aims to wriggle free from price sensitivity and… Continue Reading

  • Specializations Series: Manage the Digital Revolution

    As its name suggests, Manage the Digital Revolution: Putting Executives in the Driving Seat of Data-Driven Transformation tackles a heady topic.  In no uncertain terms, the specialization offers participants the opportunity to take a deep dive into the key digital driving factors of tomorrow’s economy. “Executives need to understand that their domain expertise is the… Continue Reading

  • Shape the Future of Energy at the HEC Paris Executive MBA

    This Specialization, which takes participants to Berlin and Doha, is geared towards executives working or planning to work energy production and consumption. It also attracts those for whom greenhouse gas reduction policies could significantly impact corporate bottom lines. The resulting need to define and implement a corporate energy and climate strategy means this specialization equips… Continue Reading

  • This EMBA Participant is Helping to Plot the Future of Work

    Gartner,  a research and advisory firm, released a workplace survey in 2018 that found that 80% of employees feel they lack the skills required in their current or future roles. Suffice it to say, for organizations jostling for position on their sector’s cutting edge, re-skilling workforces is an urgent task. Andrew Saidy, EMBA ‘2022, and… Continue Reading

  • How My EMBA is Helping Me Empower the African Diaspora

    Bola Bardet, EMBA ’18, founded Susu, a healthcare startup, as an innovative solution to offer access to superior healthcare for the individuals in Africa that need it most. Though the germ of the idea was planted by personal tragedy, it came to fruition via careful tending at the HEC Paris EMBA. In December 2017, Bola… Continue Reading

  • The Immediate Impact of an EMBA at Work

    Luca Zaccagna, EMBA ’20, left his career-long corporate comfort zone in order to refresh and recalibrate his small-and-medium business acumen at HEC Paris EMBA. He flourished in the classroom, and his work colleagues noticed the immediate EMBA impact at work. When it was their turn to take the EMBA plunge, they knew who to turn… Continue Reading

  • Guest Post: A Librarian Gets an Executive MBA

    Imagine, for a moment, a library. Silent reading rooms, rows of leather-bound books, and perhaps a bespectacled librarian may come to mind. Images redolent of nostalgia and perhaps personal meaning if you’ve spent time in libraries studying or researching. For many, libraries represent places of poignancy, even if they haven’t stepped foot in one recently.… Continue Reading

  • A depiction of the English End-of-Week March intake, as painted by participant Audrey Chapuis.

    Online and In-Person, March 2022 EMBA Track is Underway

    When the HEC Paris EMBA March intake convened on Zoom for their first module, they were given a preview of what to expect by Professor Pierre Dussauge in his first-day opening remarks. “In an EMBA program, the people in the program have a fairly significant career already behind them,” he began, offering characteristically scalpel-like precision… Continue Reading